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Attn: Sportsman and Hunters; some products made in the USA


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Im sure some of you guys/gals out there enjoy hunting, fishing, camping etc...


Here are just a couple products that I know are made in the USA


Gerber Knives

Kershaw Knives

Benchmade Knives

Letherman Multi-tools and knives (I know this was already in another post)

Leupold Scopes


Not only are these products made in the USA but they are made right here in Oregon wich gives me a sense of pride. My best friends wife works for Gerber, and that is the only knife I carry. I also use a Leupold scope on my rifle and have a Letherman

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Great Made in the USA products! And being a fellow Oregonian as yourself and part of a Co-op program in school. I have the opportunity to work with one of these companies next spring/summer.


WARN is another company that is here in Oregon also and has to do with the outdoors.

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i somehow lost my old reliable Gerber knife a month ago, and just replaced it with a Kershaw Blur.... wow! this is a great American made knife and doesn't put a dent in your wallet! the MSRP for their knives are $75-$150 for most, but they normally retail for 40% off. the Desert Tan Blur i got was $52 on amazon with tax and free shipping.

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