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My buddy Brandon's '08 Jeep Wrangler

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My good friend Brandon brought over his Yellow 2008 Jeep Wrangler today, to get a little.....LOT of Adam's love!!! Brandon is new to the world of "nice" vehicles, and is actually taking an interest in keeping this BEAST clean! So needless to say we discussed a lot about technique & product. And he left my house with a new catalog, the newest instructional DVD, and a list of "what to buy" goodies, lol. Here's the process we followed:

APC and brush on the engine bay, dressed with In & Out Spray

APC and brush on the tires & fender wells

Two bucket wash with Car Wash Shampoo & APC mixture

Absorber & blow dry

Clay bar all surfaces

SSR & green pad - one pass

SHR & orange pad - two passes

FMP & white pad - one pass

**(in that order, all done with Flex)**

BG & Americana

I hate to admit it, but Mothers Back to Black on all plastic fenders (We TOTALLY spaced off ordering SVRT for this detail. My bad. I suck.)


The paint didn't quite get to 100% perfect, but due to the previous owner's neglect for two years, and the fact that we put in 8 hours each (16 man hours), I feel GREAT about the progress we made. Still some small defects, but the paint is about 90% corrected in my opinion!!


Here's the befores, the best I could get:






















50/50, and this is only after SSR, SHR, & FMP. No BG or Americana applied at this point.



And here's the afters -

























And my favorite......



If I could have done it over again, I would have made an additional pass with SSR to start off with. I also would have ordered the SVRT, along with some 4" focus pads. And lastly, I didn't realized the MAMMOTH fender wells this thing has, some Under carriage spray would have been KILLER to have as well.


I'm still getting used to taking pics the "Adam's way" lol. With the same "comparison" shots of before and after. To be honest with ya, when I get done, I just don't think about it. I'm so excited with the finished product, I get anxious, and start shooting, lol. This makes my third FULL detail with Adam's products. And my second with a Flex. I've always been a good detailer. But at this point, I'm kinda feelin' on top of the world with this stuff!!! Hope you guys enjoyed the pics. And Brandon should be joining as a forum member shortly!!


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I almost bought a wrangler before I got my truck. Nice save, what tire/lift set up?

Not sure man. I know it has Rancho shocks.....

Good job...


What are those spots in the sun reflection hood shots... driving me nuts..

Deeper hood defects. Again, woulda hit it harder with SSR if I had to do it over. But some of the off-roading from the previous owner surprised us a bit.

Looks good!


The wheels could stand to be removed and the tires thoroughly cleaned, but it IS a DD...


Great job!



Agreed. Another day buddy. I was WIPED after what we did. :)

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