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Garage design ideas....



Okay guys, I'm looking for some opinions on how I can make this small garage way more usable and get some good storage going. I'm not opposed to replacing cabinets, bench etc.... I still need to insulate and either plywood or drywall all of the walls. I just need to get setup to be way more efficient with detailing supplies as I've had quite a few come in lately. Tell me what you think!!


p.s. I guess this kind of goes along with the "how do you store your products" thread.




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There is a whole bunch you can do to start. Depends on how much space you need. Are you parking 2 cars in there or one? How much do you want to spend?


Craftman has a cool section on their website, virtual garage you can put together whatever you want.


Less expensive options


1. Adams cart for product storage.

2. Wire shelving like from H Depot.

3. Put shelves on the walls.

4. My house had a ton of peg board in the garage, I hang all kinds of stuff up.


Make a trip to Home Depot and look at what they have available, you will find plenty of solutions there.


Others will certainly chime in as well I am sure.

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yeah you can actually use the bays of the walls for storage if you want but if you can insulate the walls and drywall or plywood what ever you would like to use but I would get maybe some slat wall that you can hang shelves on and such or peg board. Also use every inch of space I put shelving over my garage door and have plastic drawers on their if you do a search you will see pics of what i have done with mine and its a small one car and im also not done i have three projects at once right now lol also check out garagejournal.com great site for great ideas.

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While everything is still open run all the wiring you think you will every need - electric, speaker wire, cabling for TV and/or internet. We added two extra outlets to our garage, and I want three more!

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