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trading in my SS for...


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im seriously considering trading in my SS for a 03-04 z06. ive always wanted a vette and i feel that i've outgrown my ss. problem is there are no c5z's around here that i could test drive since ive never driven/ridden in one. FWIW i only owe 13k on the SS and can get a low mileage c5z paying around the same monthly payments. i also have a 98 f-150 as a DD. what do you guys think? worth the trade?

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Good luck finding a white one, i don't think they made any :thumbsup:
lol in 2001 they actually made in (limited quantites) speedway white z06's. ive seen one on the road and they look awesome, i might also consider 06-07 LS2's as well in arctic white :thumbsup: but there's something about those c5z's. id settle for blue or silver
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Go with the Blue, EB is a great color :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


This is my last one.




:glasses: that is really sharp lookin. i never knew you had a C5 too, thats awesome. maybe you could lend a few suggestions... i pretty much know the general differences between a c5 & c6 like the c5 having a more raw unrefined feeling and the c6 being more refined and "european" sorta speak. which one do you like more? besides the LS3 being faster? Also does the c5 have the same harder clear coat as the c6's?

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They both have hard clear but with proper technique and patience that's nothing to worry about.


For me it is really hard to put the differences into words, i think they are both great. The one difference, to me, is the C6 doesn't care if I want to cruise around back country roads doing 40 MPH or 140 MPH, the Z06 just wanted to do 140 MPH all the time :jester:


Not that it's a bad thing but it just seemed more purpose built and that purpose was to go fast then faster then even faster. And with those stock headlights on the C5 you can outrun them real easy :lol:

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go for it !!! I love my c6z and almost bought a yellow c5z before I lost my last job...


the LS6 is an awesome motor my boy had 1 in his camaro all built and worked and tuned before he sold it


someday I still think that I will own a c5z as well cause there just so sexy... the lines are amazing on them !

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