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Aluminum rear undercarriage on a vette

sunnyd 95


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are they smooth or textured?


if they're smooth, just degrease and clean them with some APC and then use the metal polish 1 and 2.


if they're textured then your going to need to sand it and/or buff it with steel wool to a smooth finish before doing the metal polish 1 and 2.


for maximum results use a white focus pad on a drill with the polish!!! separate pad for each polish of course!


and definitely take some before/after pics!!!

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Not to diminish your enthusiasm, but you have your work cut out for you. They are left as cast. To get the look I think you want you need to sand it smooth first, then polish like crazy.

Someone on another forum used aluminum tape to achieve the same effect. Personally I thought it looked as bad as it sounds, but most people left nice comments.

I just try to keep my clean, plus it's low so you have to lay down to see it.

Let us know your progress.


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Just a thought, maybe see if you can find a good condition one on the side & spend the winter smoothing & polishing. Then when done look into ZOOP SEAL since it will be a hard to reach part to maintain.


Definitely looking forward to pics....


I I picked up an LS block I plan to do this to this winter and make a Coffee Table out of. Usually I will go 80, 120, 220 400 600 800 1000 1500 2000 3000 wet-sanding from 600 grit up. Then polish I use White Diamonds or Hoosier Polish..... DEFINITELY awesome for metal....

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