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4inch Focus Pads=Success for removing scratches



Hey guys I noticed the other day on the front bumper of my camaro I had some pretty bad scratches. Some scratches were almost fingernail deep but not quite. Not sure what made the scratches but I know I needed to fixed them soon. So I broke out the Dewalt 14.4v Cordless Drill, the PC-7424XP, the 4inch Focus Pads Kit, SHR, FMP, and MSS. I wash the car the day prior so it was cleaned of dirt and I did a 50/50 IPA wipe down before beginning the correction. I attempted to use the PC with a 4inch orange focus pad but saw it wasn't cutting as fast I like due the dept of the scratches. I switch to the drill and wow what a difference in time. After about 30 mins of working the area with the drill the two batteries I had died(I believe the batteries are shot! Both were fully charged:willy:) So I switched to the PC and went another 30mins working the scratches out slow on a speed setting of 4. I checked my progress and its about 95% corrected. I ran out daylight and was unable to finish because my two 500w halogen lights for some reason are burned out after setting up in the garage for about 2 months. I guess its time for new bulbs? I decided to top it off my progress with some MSS until I can get back at it again.I can tell you one thing this was one if not the hardest area to correct on a 2010 Camaro! Here are some before and after pictures.You should see some of the scratches left in the after pics but as you can see its much better than it was! Enjoy!:thumbsup:












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Nice correction Jon. How are the headlight corrections going?


Thanks!:patriot:, They were booming for a month or so but business has fell out some. It comes in spurts. My mother got a 05 Hyundai Tucson and those need to be done but of course family is always free. Specially mom! :lolsmack:

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Wow, nice work! I never figured it would take that much time with the focus pads.


I believe with the location the scratches were at on the bumper the focus pad couldn't make contact with the surface and correct to its full potential. Some of the scratches were almost in a crevice where the bumper goes out to the lip. It was difficult location to correct, trust me! I believe if the battery on the drill didn't die. It probably wouldnt of taken me as long to do the correction. I didn't want to use SSR and a yellow pad because the bumper has been repainted in the past. So I wasn't sure how much clear was on the paint and didn't want to burn through the paint by being to aggressive. I took the safe route and just made nice even passes and worked it out slowly.

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Nice correction Jon!


I try to keep a extra set of bulbs on hand, as they are finicky. I have one on my garage over the driveway and had to replace the bulb recently. Two bulbs died after about 3 days, but the third one has been in for over 4 months - go figure!

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