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Washing a Vinyl Wrapped Car

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One of my regular wash customers came by and a fellow Lamborghini owner just happened to be in the area with his camera and shot some video of my wash technique for this "special" car. It has a new, unique matte finish vinyl wrap on the entire vehicle, so no wax, no buffers, no polish, etc. Can't go through a car wash, not that you would with your Lamborghini anyway. We wash it once every two weeks or so depending on how much it gets driven.


The technique is as follows:


Tires and wheel wells - APC

Wheels and Calipers - GWC w/ Boars Hair Brush

Car Shampoo in Foam Gun as a pre-soak

Regular two bucket wash

Dry all cracks and mesh grille areas with compressor

Dry vehicle with Great White and DS as a drying agent

Door jambs and sills that do not have wrap get a DS wipe down

VRT on tires

In and Out Spray on mesh grilles

Glass Cleaner on Glass


The DS works fantastic as both a drying agent and a "shine" although it really just makes the matte wrap look smooth and uniform. I'll add some photos to this thread once I get them resized, but in the meantime, here's a link to the edited YouTube video...enjoy!


- Darryl


<iframe width="420" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ZYVZVJLcn9Q?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Nice. Did you guys wash it or did you skip it in the.video? Looked like a foam and rinse lol. Love the car though! Great job too!


I wasn't in charge of the video editing, so not sure how he decided what to leave in and what to take out, but yes, it got a proper wash after the pre-soak!!


The car is never that dirty but what dirt there is seems to stick "better" and the aftermarket exhaust always spews quite a bit of crud all over the rear, so although you can't tell, there's always plenty of crud under the grit guard in the rinse bucket to show show dirty it was.


- Darryl

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very nice car. Do you also detail the motor?


I regularly do Ferrari and Lamborghini motors and engine bays - some with motor in the car, some with motor out! I'll post up a different thread with my technique for those.


This particular car only has about 4K miles, so it's very clean. Come winter, it will get a full tire, wheel, and wheel well detail as well as an engine bay treatment to prep for next year's driving season. It sucks here on the east coast that most of these cars, mine included, get put away for winter, but that's a good time to get them really clean in areas you wouldn't normally address on a daily basis.


@C6Bill...I have driven it but only on a short errand. I need to get the owner to let me take it home one evening to watch my neighbors all come running out to see what the noise is...this thing is loud with the aftermarket exhaust. There is another YouTube video from the same day if you do a search.


- Darryl

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