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Full Show Quality Detail! 56k Beware!


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So I decided to take on the task today of doing a full on show detail on my car even though its extremely hot outside!


Here is the process that I did:

  • Soaked the car completely with my Adam's Foam Gun
  • 2 Bucket hand wash
  • Sprayed down with Detail spray prior to drying
  • Dried with a Great White Drying Towel
  • Clay Barred the entire car
  • Washed again using the two Bucket hand wash system
  • Dried using the Great White Drying Towel
  • applied Brilliant Glaze all over the car
  • Wiped all of the Brilliant Glaze off with a Double soft microfiber towel
  • Applied 2 Coats of Adams Americana Paste Wax.
  • I then used Green Wheel Cleaner to clean the wheels.
  • Applied Super VRT to all 4 tires.
  • Sprayed Undercarriage spray to the bottom of the car and in the wheel wells.


I am AMAZED at how awesome this thing came out!

Pictures do not do this Justice!!!







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