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porsche paint... is it too far gone...?



My aunts Cayman is worse than I expected.. apparently like about 1.5 years ago someone told her (not me) it was ok to wash the car with dish soap...


I just found this out the other day...


which leads to this :


the paint felt terrible...


washed it dryed it


clayed it


there are still hard water spots... Is it possible the clear coat is already eaten threw on this car from no wax for over a year?


can hard water eat thru clear coat and eventually penetrate paint?


the hard water is from sprinklers and neighbors sprinklers kicking on in LI and putting hard water on the car


even after claying it the spots are there


working with limited supplies far away from my house I tryed mothers cleaner polish and it still did not remove the hard water spots...


now given a few factors :


1) its not my car

2) its a lease ending in 11 months and being returned

3) she just tossed me 20 bucks to try to make it look as good as i could in a short period of time



Im just overall interested in how it ended up like this and if It could be possible to be removed if say it was my car

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I'm sure it would put up quite the fight, but would doubt that it's too far gone. Since it's a lease, it's probably not worth it for your Aunt to spend real money on a detail, that is, unless she may get dinged for the condition of the car when she goes to turn it in. Depending on the mileage, that's not likely unless it would need resprayed in order for them to resell it.


Porsche's got decent paint overall, although there's always an exception here and there, so I wouldn't be afraid to try some drastic measures if necessary, but not for $20.00!!


I'm thinking at this point it's the dealer's problem 11 months from now! So sad for the car! I like me some Cayman.


- Darryl

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I don't know the paint on Porsche, but I would try and do a good detail on it and maybe try a vinegar solution to work on the water spots then a normal Adams Detail. I have not ever heard of a dealer that will take a lease back that has finish issues and not added that as a fee due at return. Look at the lease agreement and read the small print to see what it says. You may find that if you cannot do the paint correction that a professional Adams detailer in your area can and do it for less than what your aunt will need to pay the dealer when she turns it in.

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Jack go for it, have your aunt pay for the Adams supplies that you use IMO that is the least that she should do. Porsche finishes are probably as good as they get. Hopefully Adams polishes will bring out the best that you will be able to get it looking.

Have your Aunt buy or give her a gallon of Adams car wash shampoo for her to use on her next car.

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