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question about adams glass cleaner and eyeglasses...



just a quickie.... but wondered about cleaning my glasses with the adams product? used it to clean my glasses and it worked fantastic and cleaned em the best imaginable. second best is to use shampoo in the shower when you wash your hair... but wondered if the adams was too strong for tinted plastic lenses in eyeglasses. i hope not cause it works so well and i filled one of my little spray bottle of glasses cleaner with some.... :)



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do you guys that clean your glasses with it use a regular glasses microfiber cloth or one of the adams microfibers, or the adams glass rag? i've used everythng including a waffle towel and they all did a good job including just a regular cotton dish towel. they all make em sparkling clean. mine tend to get greasy andi also use the on a pair of sports glasses that get sweaty and they work great for that too.


i was thinking of taking a glass towel and cuttin it in quarters and stickin it in all the cars and places where i'd want one when i need it but wondered if the glass towel was too abrasive for eyeglasses with tints. i agree though that the glass cleaner is the cats meow....


that's why i just bought another gallon of it.... along with another gallon of the all purpose cleaner, and car wash, leather cleaner, carpet cleaner, detail spray a few more of every towel sold :cheers: i stocked up pretty well to refill bottles. i like this stuff so well i plan on giving adams products for Christmas presents to my car affcionado friends. and i have a lot of them. i let my buddy use my detail spray and glass cleaner at a cruise last weekend and a strange thing happened. i can't find em now.... i have a pretty good idea where the bottles are sitting right now though so it fine.... ;)

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I use Adams MF single sided and my old true blues on my glasses, work great. Also, for an interesting improvement, after they are clean, give them a spray with DS and wipe them down. Somehow things look a little crisper. Probably the color of the DS affecting how things look... :willy:

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Paul the Optical Guru and resident Master Optician checking in on this thread.


OP: You should be fine as long as you don't wipe them dry. NEVER WIPE THEM DRY! NEVER!


The way I teach customers to safely clean their eyeglasses is as follows:

1) Take them off your noggin' using both hands.

2) Rinse them under warm running water.

3) Use a soft soap that does not contain a moisturizer and put a drop on your index fingertip. Rub fingertip and thumb tip together.

4) While lenses are still wet place lens between finger and thumb tips and very lightly agitate the lens surface. This will remove any body oils, sweat, and dirt on the lens surface. If you have an old toothbrush you can also use this time to gently and carefully remove any gunk behind the nose pads and double check all mounting hardware is secure.

5) Lightly rinse them under warm running water.

6) Dry them using a clean top tier MF towel, ie: any Adam's MF towel.

7) Replace glasses on your noggin' or put them back in their case. (On your face or in the case keeps them safe.)

8) For those of you with lens cloths from your eyecare professional do not forget to wash these frequently.



Wow, the clock on the wall says I gotta get my butt back to the office. Later!:hi:

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i tried your suggestion of using the glass cleaner and then spray detailer on my glasses. gotta tell you at first i thought it sounded a little subspect.... but ****... it works! first thing i noticed is how slick they felt. then they really do seem like stuff looks more crisp and clear. don't ask me why.... but it seems to work. thanks for the tip



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