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Finally, Got my Van Lettered!!!


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Picked up my van from getting it lettered, Finally! it turned out great except for one minor issue, see if you can spot it. That will get fixed this week lol. It was in the final revision and everyone that i showed it too didnt spot it. It took me a couple times just looking it over to catch it.


You cant see in the picture but the gold vinyl is metallic. When the sun hits it it "sparkles" and is incredible. Its a nice subtle touch :) Also, the bullets are the center of my logo with the power switch symbol


I love it, I only wish that the rear wasnt so cobbled up from Nissan putting the license plate in the middle of the door. Every revision we did of the rear just didnt look right if we tried to fit the bullet list back there. We tried a window perf design too and it was just too much. if I had one major complaint of the NV it would be that the license plate isn't in the bumper or "smaller"


I havent been able to adamize my van yet due to my lettering guy having to remove all waxes/sealers. My van has been without a wax for 6 months:willy::willy: Once the lettering has a week to sit in the sun and "set" im going to seal/wax it! i cannot wait to see what adams does for the lettering!!!:2thumbs:





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