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Another detailin fanatic


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Hey guys and gals, joined the forum since I'm an avid detailer. I know my way around forums pretty well, being a member of a few truck forums. I've seen and heard nothing but GREAT things about Adam's products. I'm lookin to upgrade my current detailing supplies to Adam's when I can get the money saved up. Anyways, here's my rides and some of my work


My 1984 F150




New (to me) Truck; 04 F150



Here's my detailing page on facebook:


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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :) Hope I can contribute what I know about detailing and hopefully learn a few things!


As far as the trucks go, I've put alot of time and money into my 84. Got it when I turned 16 from my dad, had it repainted my senior year of high school, and have done work to it ever since. I don't plan on gettin rid of it, as it was my dad's. One day I'll give it to my son and have him pass it on to his son!

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Welcome Hunter! You should give the Adam's Metal Polish #1 and #2 a try on the '84. (not sure if the newer one has coated wheels or not). They will get way shiny with those two if the wheels are uncoated.


The '84 has polished aluminum wheels that are in desperate need of polishing. The 04' has chrome wheels that could use a good polish too. :2thumbs:

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