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Need some suggestions please



I have two nicks in my right headlight lens from what looks to be a rock. I put two of the best pics I could get with my camera below. They can definately be felt with my finger nail, but have not pennatrated (sp) through the lens.


1. Has anyone ever dealt with a repair of this nature?


2. What are my options for repair? Besides replacement of the entire assembly, they are like $500 a piece.


The asked the Service Manager when I picked her up yesterday, and to be honest, he was baffled that I would care about 2 small nicks. Well, when there is nothing wrong with the rest of the car, they matter to me I explained. He reluctantly said "well, we could try the filler they use on windshields, but it would probably look like crap". Hmmmm. The good news is, they didn't wash the car and I had two or three dudes from the back come out and ask what products I used, because the car looked amazing. I just grinned, and gave him a distributers card.:thumbsup:


This is really bugging me, so any suggestions would be great. Thanks. Dave:help:




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I don't believe there is anything that you can do to fix It,IMHO!


That sucks...I'll do some research, or hope that someone replies. I'm thinking some sort of plastic filler, but I don't know if anything would dry crtystal clear or be that durable. Maybe a 2-part epoxy of some sort, but I don't kow of a clear version. It would probably look worse by the time I got a hold of it:lol:

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I say call the glass repair guys & see what they say. There HAS TO BE a fix bro. I'm not so concerned about the condition NOW. But fast forward to next summer, with no repair, how much worse will it be??


I think I'll do that....I don't want it to get worse. It's almost like she's crying when I wash her now:confused: I may even look into the clear bra idea.


Thanks for all that posted responses:xfingers:

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If it were my car I'd just shrug it off and live with it as a part of daily driving. Sometimes one just has to let the little things go.


It's not a DD, and now is the only flaw the car has that I can't correct. For being 4+ years old, there isn't even any small rock chips or paint defects at all. Just trying to keep it that way:lolsmack:It may be an uphill battle, but I'll try.....


Good idea Chris, I'll check eBay.

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