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Long Detailing Weekend (pic heavy)


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Started on Friday at 12, Ended on Sunday at 7:30!!!!!


That being said I did 5 vehicles by myself. Started with a BlackJack Roush Mustang.

Got a freshin' up with Adams Car wash, and a good once over on the inside with the Leather and Int cleaner and carpet upholstry cleaner. Ready for the car show this weekend!






Then a few cars not worth mentioning just some simple wash and wax on some daily drivers......

Then was delivered this GT500. I have already corrected this car before so it wasn't too bad. I like getting the cars that I correct back every wash so I can prevent the damage (or keep it minimal). We just hit this car with a good wash and polish the wheels. Also Some Buttery wax, to extend the life of the MSW I used last time! This car is not hardly driven so it mostly gets dusty with the occasional bug on the bumper!








Then to top off the weekend I Fully corrected a 71 Cutlass olds. The paint on this car was pretty rough, and I didn't get any before pics. I was a little aggravated, I allowed myself 6 hours on this car because of what I charged. I cleaned the car and the top, along with the windows using all Adams products of course! Top got a good cleaning with carpet and upholstery cleaner, and all the leather was treated with cleaner and conditioner. The clear on this car was so hard, I started with two passes on orange and 3 with white pad....... better but still had minimal swirls that were deep...... decided to break out the green pad on the hood and trunk. After 2 passes with that and walked it down to the FMP on the white pad, it still had some small spots. My time was up but I wasn't satisfied......but the customer was happy so I guess that is what matters! Finished the car off with Americana and treated the tires and trim with VRT.






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thanks guys, yea I have started working faster...... but I like a perfect finished product, yet I have to determine how much the customer wants to spend and that will tell me how long I have to work on it!


I didn't get perfection on the cutlass but its older and I had no idea the clear was as hard or I would have started out much harder on it! Over all they all turned out nice and it was a productive weekend!

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