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Wife pranked me, not too happy...

Captain Slow

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So I come home for lunch today. The twins are having their PBJs and I'm waiting for the microwave to finish nuking my lunch when I hear a UPS truck pull up, stop and moments later, leave. My wife leaves the kitchen comes back and:

Wife: What'd you order? UPS just delivered a box.

Me: I haven't ordered anything, why?

Wife: There a brown box on the porch with a red and white label.

Me: Not mine, I didn't order anything.

Wife, opening front door: Hey, it's a box from Adam's!

Me, as I pass my wife in the foyer: What? I didn't order anything.

Me, opening door and seeing an empty porch: Hey! Where's the box???

Wife, now back in kitchen: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :lol:







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