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I hate going to Adams Polishes...



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Yup..I know what chah mean..:lolsmack:Sweet Ride by the way!




Congrats Jon on all of your cool stuff!!:thumbsup:


Thank you, can't wait to get them!


Gotta love the addiction!!!


Love the addiction, hate the hole it puts in my wallet.

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Just so you know Jon, we REALLY appreciate your business!!:bow:


From the man himself, thanks again!


Yeah......I can barely stay off the website, lol. I can't imagine living close enough to DRIVE to the dang shop itself......


My cart always has atleast one item in it waiting to be ordered lol


I already forgot to buy some stuff, time for another order... lol


Is there an Adam's store in IL that I don't know about?!?!


on the second thought that might be for the better......


No I order from the website.

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Yes I have 267.00 worth of stuff in my shopping cart now. Just waiting until the 22 to order. Pay day. I wish we had a store here in Kentucky, but the one listed is closed. Went out of busisness. Tried calling them back in the winter with no luck. So I order everything. Usually takes a 5 days to get my stuff. Which is like a kid waiting on Christmas.

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