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The Miniature Detail Story


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When I got these Camaros in, they simply had a lack of gloss, and real definition in their color. I knew they needed some treatment, and I wondered to myself, "Hmmmm, whats the right product for the job?"


So I entered my garage and walked around for a bit. My legs tired from the continuous pacing. Mind going crazy from the many thought processes going on in my mind. All of a sudden, something shook the house and a product fell and bumped my shoulder and landed perfectly right side up, revealing the answer that I was long searching for.


Adams Polishes, the bottle said, and I thought; "What was I thinking all of this time? I should know better!"


I, then got the Camaros prepped one at a time, getting them ready for their ultra changing experience. I was sure these cars have never had ANY, kind of polish, wax, or any kind of paint treatment whatsoever. They were ready...


They received love only by hand, as I thought the porter cable, simply would have been too much for a first time. I didn't wanna scare the poor guys. They have had enough of the neglect already, and were real nervous with what I was gonna do, to help make them better.


First, I introduced them to a Detail spray wash. They loved the essence of the cleaner and readily wanted more. I had to hide the product from them, as they were addicted!


I, then proceeded to rub into their paint, with Swirl & Haze remover. I applied an even amount all across the Camaros, and made sure their paint inhaled every last bit of the product. Low and behold, they felt cleaner and felt much more positive. They had never knew, such a thing existed that could benefit their cleanliness. They asked, "Is that it?" I said, "We are not done, there is more!"


They looked puzzled and I proceeded to apply, Revive Polish. They asked "What will this do?" I replied, "You will see in just a bit." They thought, that they made it this far, so why not? I spread the blue product on their paint, and it went on very easily and the paint felt better and better as I was working the product in. The cars seemed to be in a heaven like daze, with headlights fading in and out of reality. They were as happy as ever. One asked, "Are we done yet?" I replied, "No, there is one more step." The one smiled and looked relaxed


I, grabbed the Buttery Wax and opened the bottle to reveal a very nice Banana smell, that made the Camaros, wanna do burnouts in joy. I told them to calm down that there is enough for both of them. I then, with lots of joy, applied the product to their paint. Needless to say, after the final buffing of the Buttery wax, the cars were extremely happy with the results.


The Cars both asked, "Are we done for the day?" I said "Yes we are! Aren't you happy with your new looks? Much shinier than before!" They both smiled and revved their engines with excitement! I then asked for one favor of them...Could I take their pictures? They immediately agreed, and now here are those pictures!


Both enjoying the evening light



Red Jewel always looked better when shiny



Ready to get back to work and show the boys at the precinct his new look!



Both enjoying the night



The products that were used to bring out their new look! Yay for Adams Polishes!



Not your typical detail, so I made it more special than what it was. Hope you enjoyed the story more than anything. And to answer your question, before its asked, Yes I really did detail my toy cars with Adams Polishes. They deserve it just like their bigger counter part does!



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