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2011 Subaru WRX


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Thanks everyone for the compliments. Im very tempted to get an intake and tune. ive heard that it really wakes the car up. Then get a downpipe next summer. would like to get the audio system squared away first though. gonna get of winter tires too. cant wait to play in the snow!

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I really like the 2011's with the sti body on them. I had a 03 wrx for years that ran low 12s, and an 06 sti that put down 400awhp. That gray would be my pick on the colors as well. I would get some mudflaps to keep it clean, I always used these Rally Mud Flaps. They're really popular on the forums as well. Enjoy it!:burnout:

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I can forgive you trading in the G8 for three reasons. 1) A Suby WRX is my choice for my next car.:thumbsup: 2) You got the color I want. :thumbsup: 3)I can live my Suby dreams vicariously through you. :thumbsup:


Plus you made her look better than any I've seen on ANY sales lot. :bow:

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How are the leather seats in the limited? Im debating on the premium or limited next year.


i think the leather seats are nice. They are soft and on the smooth side, as in theyre not very textured.



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