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car show prep



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I was wondering if going to a car show if i can safely apply the waterless wash then detail spray in the direct sun? thanks


Yes. But like Dylan has said in the past, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. If you have the option of applying products to cool paint, that is always your best option. But, no, it won't hurt anything. Just remember to watch the Adam's video on WW...to ensure you don't enduce any pre-show scratches. Just fold the towel into 16th's (IIRC), soak the area down, and do one light pass on each section. No scrubbing needed.


I know C6Bill said that he uses the WW all summer and rarely uses the two buckets during the summer. He might have something to add, as his car is bling, bling. :thumbsup:

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Yes you can, or at least I do with no obvious ill effects. I open the hood immediatly to allow the engine heat to cool off it and work my way around the car by spraying the product on the towel rather than on the vehicles surface and finish with the hood once cooler.


If the vehicle has gotten dusty on the trip I'll use my California duster on it first. There's more of an art to not inducing scratches with the duster than the WCW or DS. You have to know how to use it correctly.

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