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This guy is local to me, scary part is how many nice cars are at his shop when you drive by. Makes you wonder how many of them hes taken out without permission. This time it cost someone their lives.



Was driver in fatal PCH Ferrari crash joyriding in a customer's car?



A Ferrari was cut in half after colliding with a power pole and crashing onto a beach Sunday along the Pacific Coast Highway near Los Angeles, killing the passenger and critically injuring the driver. Police aren't sure how the driver got the Ferrari 360, but we've got a theory. UPDATE!

Police say the driver was 24-year-old Vladimir Skvortsov of Upland, CA., who already has multiple DUI arrests. An initial investigation shows the Ferrari was traveling at a high rate of speed when it crashed. The police are also investigating whether or not drinking was involved.


Skvortsov is reportedly not the owner of the car, but no one has yet reported the vehicle stolen. A Jalopnik tipster points out that Skvortsov owns his own automotive detailing business. A Facebook page for the company VS Detailing (Vladimit Skvortsov Detailing) shows numerous high-end vehicles he's had in his possession.


On June 20th, there's a silver Ferrari 360 similar in appearance to the one that was crashed, leading us to believe it's possible this was a customer car left in Skvortsov's care while he was detailing it and then taken on a joy ride. Of course, it's also possible the car was lent to the driver by a current customer.


We're not sure yet, but it does appear the car was probably the same one wrecked. Coincidentally, this was just a few miles from where Stefan Eriksson famously crashed a Ferrari Enzo.


Family member of mine w/ the PD of mine has confirmed it was a customers car. Unbelievable that this guy would do something like this costing him his friends life and likely his business. Some people... :mad:

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WOW! This is why I buy Adams...


RIP whoever the passenger was...


Vladimir can go to hell for all I care... #1 he killed someone (which is horrible), #2 he stole a car (basically), #3 he stole a Ferrari.



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That's pretty messed up businesses out there will treat their customer's this way.


I remember reading about and watching a video of a kid that worked for a vehicle transportation company that took a Corvette ZR1 out for a joy ride.


The security camera caught the guy doing burnouts, etc. The part of the video that made my cringe, was when he did a burnout in some dirt and threw rocks all over the place.


I think he was a lot porter or something like that.


Some people have no respect.

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Humans can be so stupid... I deal with death a lot in my job and while the gore doesn't really affect me much, the loss of life is the hard part.


If this guy survives he's gonna be broke and in lawsuits for a looooong time.


But, this serves as a good reminder to us all to be extremely careful when handling a customers car, even if it's just driving it to deliver to the customer.

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Holy Cow...that takes huge testicular appendages! I'm to the point where I even make sure owners are cool with me moving their cars around the parking lot! I do have some pretty cool customers who I also consider friends who don't mind me taking their cars to meets and/or home on occasion, which is fun for my neighbors....keeps 'em guessing as to which ones are mine and which ones are customers!


- Darryl

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