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welp.. traded in my LS3 ss


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for this lady in red



















i always wanted one and pulled the trigger on one i found in california. one owner bone stock minus a short shifter paint is in great condition (minus swirl marks) its an 02 with 22k miles. no rust etc. just a little dirty. this thing is too much fun i have ZERO regrets. AND my flex just came in today!

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Sweet! Congrats!


You're gonna be happy you got that flex... vette clear is notoriously hard. Also, you'll experience faster product dry out b/c the fiberglass retains heat from the pad friction. Just be ready to prime a little more frequently and adjust your technique.


Have fun!


thanks for the tip dylan, it worked out perfectly bc i didn't plan on getting the z when i ordered the flex and i picked up the Z yesterday; the flex just got here literally 15 min ago. torch red is a really crazy and vibrant color i can't wait to see what it looks like under americana

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just so you know, I need your address, and I will be on my way to pick up my new car! Just have it detailed up and ready to go. Don't worry with filling it up, I can take care of that!


I love that car! Its exactly what I am looking for :)


haha thanks man. it was def. worth the switch IMO


:glasses:Nice, what year is it?


2002 w/ 22k miles one owner, california car etc. still has the new leather smell :drool:

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