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Wet sanding...


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I made the mistake of tossing a shingle off a roof the other day right when a gust of wind picked up... well let me start by saying I wasnt too happy with what followed. The gust of wind grabbed the shingle and nailed the side of my rear passengers side door!!! :willy:




So since I had some free time yesterday I figured I'd give it a quick go... well after I inspected the area, I knew it was going to take something a little more then just a good polishing. The one scratch was really deep, so I pulled out the good olde bucket with some 2000 grit wet sand paper and my 4 inch focus pads.




I started will a good claying of the area and then followed up with the 2000 grit sand paper...




Once I was finsihed with the wet sanding, I moved on to polishing. It took 3 passes of SSR, 4 SHR, and 2 FMP to fully remove wet sand marks.


And here are the results!




Now the one scratch was really really deep! So I went into this knowing that know matter what I do there would still be a little scaring left behind and that a little area was all the way down to primer, but after seeing the results it is almost completely gone!!! :banana:

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Where could I learn more about wet sanding? I would really like to tackle this level of paint correction but I am very, very scared! Thanks


Soap and water with a high grit sandpaper. Keep it wet and soapy.


I did it when I tinted my tail lights but nothing along the lines of on a car panel

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haha that was actually my buddy that I was attempting to teach how to wet sand! and thanks everyone for kind words! I was planning on getting some touch up and fixing the little area that is all the way down to primer... I am just waiting on the paint now. So hopefully when I get it Ill remember to follow up with another write up and let everyone know how it turns out!

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Where could I learn more about wet sanding? I would really like to tackle this level of paint correction but I am very, very scared! Thanks


You can do a search on google and find tons of information on wet sanding! But there are a few things I would suggest to the first timer... Do not ever try and be a HERO when it comes to wet sanding!!! I say this because many people will try and wet sand a scratch all the way until its gone... you actually do not want to do this.


When I wet sand, I only sand too the point where I know the machine will be able to take the rest of the scratch out (this is where experience with a machine comes into play). And you have to remember that some scratches are what they are, and while you might be able to improve their appearance you will not fully remove them without a repaint.


Now when it comes to actual wet sanding, I personally never use any grit more aggressive then 1500 grit. But for a first timer, I wouldnt suggest anything more aggressive than 2000 grit until you get use to the wet sanding process. And when you do use 1500 and follow up with 2000, you want to go in one direction with the 1500 and a different direction when following up with the 2000. The point in doing this is you will be removing the sand marks from the 1500 with the 2000 grit so when you polish it is easier to tackle the sand marks.


Here is a list of what you need for wet sanding...

- a bucket for water

- your sand paper

- a sanding block (dont ever use just your hand, the pressure of using just your hand will give you uneven sanding)

- a bottle with some soapy water


Here are some important notes... You want to let your sand paper soak in the bucket of water for at least 30 mins (I like to leave it over night if I know I will be wet sanding). And while you are wet sanding, you always want to keep the surface lubircated (use the bottle of soapy water for this!). And the most important thing.... DONT BE A HERO!!!!!


I hope this helps you, and I am sure if I missed anything someone will chime in and fill in the missing areas!!! Good luck!:2thumbs:

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Good save, Justin! Has anyone else noticed that it always seems to be our own cars that have freak things happen to them? Sheesh... :willy:


Will we be seeing you next month at the Clinic?


Yes, I will actually be at the Clinic helping out... and if you havent been to any of Eric Thompsons Clinics before, you are in for a treat! He does a great job, and is always awesome to do business with! Ill see you there:cheers:

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