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Detailed: 2006 BMW 5 Series

The Ryan

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I've been busy testing this new secret product and needed a outdoor test subject, unfortunately the sun never really came out for good photos :( Anyways I'll share what I've got... Products:


Adam's Shampoo

Adam's Great White Drying Towel

Adam's Merino Wool Wash Mitt

Adam's Green Wheel Cleaner

Adam's All Purpose Cleaner

Adam's Lug Nut Brush

Adam's Boars Hair Brush

Adam's Detail Spray

Adam's Clay Bar

Adam's Flex Kit + Pads

Adam's Severe Swirl Remover

Adam's Fine Machine Polish

Adam's Glass Cleaner

Adam's Glass Sealant

Adam's Glass Towels

Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray

Adam's Super VRT

Adam's Super Secret Sealant

Adam's Americana


Since the sun never came out all of the photo's are fairly gloomy, here she is on arrival:





This BMW was purchased used, and showed heavy contamination in the paint and extreme swirl marks (I'm not kidding this thing looked like it was washed with a push broom for years):






Unfortunatley swirls are extremely hard to capture especially with the low light conditions we had today. So here she is fully corrected:












The primary test was to see how well Americana layers over the new product.. And this BMW is outside 24-7. That's all the details you get for now! Thanks for lookin' - Hopefully next time I decide to spend a day detailing I can get some better light!

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think this new product is making everyone crazyyyyy hahaha:willy::willy:


Great job on the bimmer man, theres a stormtroopin' M5 up by me, ive been wanting to drop a card on it soon cause it is full of swirls. Anyways great job, even though it is bad picture conditions i can definitely tell ;):2thumbs:

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