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Are you [censored] kidding me?


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So I went to the store, parked 15+ spaces out from the rest of the pack like I'm sure most of us do..


I come out get in the truck and go home, as I'm unloading my purchases something catches me eye..


My rear windows are plain.. as in my Adam's Static Stickers are GONE!!!!:help:




What kind of :loser: steals static stickers?? This is so aggravating I could just :explode:


Why can't I have come out and caught them? Putting hands on my truck.. On my birthday no less....


Oh well now I have to buy the Die Cuts.. Just wanted to vent.. Thanks for listening

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That's about the craziest thing I've ever heard. Pulling stickers off cars? Really?!?


Are you sure it happened there at that particular store?


It was the Mall, and yes I had just cleaned up the SS before I ran up there to get some stuff.. I parked by the food court to get the wife and I some lunch, and well that's where all the wanna be Suburbia hoods hang out.

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Thats funny....It had to be a kid named ADAM...he saw that sticker and said...hmmm this would look cool over my bed! :lolsmack:


Thats what I was thinking, really the only good reason I can think of! Unless he liked what he saw paint wise and didn't want to forget what company made it! haha. Kinda like the other night I suggested a lady try a shiner boch instead of amberboch, she liked it and took the label off so she would remember it!

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