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question about paul dalton at miracle detail and his wax



OK.. first off, this is not a flame. i'm not criticizing just asking. but can somebody tell me how the He@* his crystal rock swissvax is worth 1500 bucks a jar?


i got intrigued on what makes this stuff so pricey and also what makes him so pricey. i imagine he spends a lot of time on his customers cars and that he works for people who are slightly better off than i am and have cars that shine up pretty well, but come on... 10k for a detail job?


then i see he promotes 3M stuff. 3M???? i used to use some 3M stuff and it was OK, but not even close to adams products. then i watch him tout his talents and show how he washes a new jag. ''you put 2 capfuls of 3M shampoo in a bucket with water. it's a fantastic car shampoo...'' OK, then what came next made me almost fall over. ''the you take a sponge and wash the car...'' and he pulls out a squarish synthetic sponge like what wallymart sells and start rubbing it all over the car. i was always told to NEVER use that kind of a sponge cause they scratched the paint. so here's the worlds most expensive detailer using store bought car wash and a synthetic sponge and doing the car, underneath the car and everything else with it. i just started using the adams shampoo and pads and think they're about the slicked trick things to wash a car i've ever used. the spray detailer is the only one i've ever personally liked and the foam pads for the PC are so good they're makin me look like i know what i'm doin with the way my two muscle cars come out. i ''corrected'' the swirls that the dealer put on my wifes new benz to where i've never seen a street car come out better. and here's this guy in other of his videos and he's showing how to wax a car. again using 3M stuff. he pulls out a normal round applicator and smears some on and then starts wiping it off with a microfiber rag that says 3M on it. hey... i had a couple of their rags. compared to adams they're like sandpaper. i know that for a fact cause i had a couple.


so what's up with this? he doesn't make enough money chargin 10k to wash and wax a car that he endorses 3M stuff for them and says ''it's fantastic...'' or ''this works beautiful..." i know he sells a more expensive wax that is packed in a crystal cut jar that's probably delivered by 69 nubian slave virgins or something equally ridiculous, but the one i'm talking about costs 1500 bucks a jar you can buy on amazon and it's just in a regular jar. are we talking about the old PT Barnum saying that ''there's a sucker born every minute...'' or maybe that old saying that ''a fool and his money are soon parted...'' he may be talented but come on, don't you lose a little credability saying that 3M stuff works great and then saying you put on 2000 bucks worth of some custom wax?


i always thought zymol stuff was mostly hype, and never liked zaino all that much cause i thought it was hard to put on, but can this stuff be all that much better than adams best americana? and smearing it on with your hands like he shows, i wouldn't think you'd get it on as well that way as if you used a high quality applicator or buffer? i watched him buff a veyron with a rotary and he must have not pushed very hard cause he did it for a LONG time. man, i'd think that would just be really hard on the clear coat. is he again using 3M's pads to do that. just like the cheap body shop down the road from me uses?


so, without thinking i'm insultin him, cause i'm not, and he'll never get a dollar of work from me anyhow, can somebody explain to me what i'm missing in his videos, and why using a synthetic sponge and store bought polish cloth is the way to go on a 10k plus dollar detail job???? :help:


although i'm not the greatest detailer guru by a million miles i'm tryin to learn. and i do run with some guys with trailer queen show cars that you couldn't find a blemish in with an electron microscope. and they spend more time and money on paint preparation than i bet bugatti or ferrari does. in fact a friend of mine is an authorized ferrari / lambo repair shop. and he does fantastic work. but i've never seen him use wax that costs as much as a nice used car per jar. and i know for a fact that these guys with big buck show cars don't all use 2000 buck or more jars of wax. and if they thought it was worth it they would


i hope i don't come off as a smart A** but i really think i must be missin something. i can't wait to try americana on my muscle car and i want to know if i'm wasting my time with it and need to get a second mortgage on my house to buy the really really really good stuff


and i admit, i LOVE he adams stuff i've bought and been using and the service and concept of the company and also the guys on this forum. heck, i'd probably be afraid to even bring this up on another forum cause they'd tell me i'm cheap and don't know good stuff when i see it and all that stuff. well, maybe i don't. so somebody tell me what i'm missin with this guy and his 3M products that i can buy anywhere....


this ought to be good....



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It's called marketing my friend. Paul Dalton has marketed himself very well and it happens that the crowd he services tend to have lots of cash. You simply cannot be angry at a guy that gets paid very well to do what he loves to do. I'm not saying he is worth anymore than anyone here either. I'm not saying that his $10k detail is better than the next person's detail at say $350-$1k. He has simply pitched to wealthy people and they have bought into it.


I'm willing to bet that just about anyone on here would charge more for their details if they knew a client would pay it. Does it mean it's the right thing to do? Not necessarily, but money will make people do things they normally wouldn't.


Regarding 3M, they pay him to flash their product. "Hey, we have this guy charging this much money for details. Let's give him some product and money so people think this is what he uses and it should drive up our sales." Again, marketing.


Adam's products are marketed as higher end products right? There are people who complain about the price and a whole lot of people that don't care because they love the end result. Marketing is a funny game that we all fall victim to in one way or another.



*Reason for edit - to finish statement.

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hey guys... don't get me wrong. i'm all for capitolism. free markets make the world roll. if he can get it my advice is GO FOR IT...


i think i got my answer here, which is could his swissvax possibly be worth what he charges for it and is his services ''worth'' that kind of money? or does he just charge it cause he has a bunch of rich jerks... uh, i mean ''discriminating clients'' that are willing to pay that so they can feel elite and tell there buddies they just got a 20k buck detail with 2k buck wax?


sorry, but i have a little problem with someone who hawks products i know are somewhat inferior and lets people think they're the best and that's what he uses... words like money hungry and a tad unethical spring to mind... i just came from 3M and although not the worst in the world they're not up to what we use. i have lots of slightly used 3M bottles of stuff at discount prices if anybody wants them....

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That is the beauty of a free market economy. There are some with more $ than sense. If it makes them feel good to spend that much on a detail then more power to them. Although I think it's a little shady I think Mr. Dalton may be on to something here. If it were to end tomorrow I think he's say "I had a good run."

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