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Happy 1st birthday Cristiano Pitale

Captain Slow

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Too kind! Thanks Paul, and thanks all for your kindness! Here are some birthday pics....we had a nice little party here in Carlisle, PA for the little chunk.....


What a great time, and my sister came up from Bel Air, MD, and Mom from So Cal....as well as our team members from across our great nation!


Buddy (Cristiano) was out of his mind with happiness.....twas a great birthday indeed!



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How big's Christiano Adam? Eli, is quite literally off the charts in height and weight. He's been at least in the 95th since born. I call him the Chuck Norris of babies. lol


Our poor boy had to give blood yesterday... Checking for lead and such. (stupid Chinese toys) Poor guy didn't enjoy that ONE BIT!!! Mom cried and I would have if I'd have been there. I hate seeing him in that kind of pain.


Great looking family Adam!



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