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PC first run on my G8



I've had my PC and Adams stuff for a couple of years now, and it's now time to do my G8 for the first time. I have some light swirls on the hood and trunk and a few minor scratches. Last vehicle I did was a Ford truck, which turned out great, but the G8 has a rep for having a MUCH softer finish than just about anything else out there. With the Ford and our Honda, I just dove in after watching all the Junkman vids and started with the orange pad/SHR, but with the G8 rep for bad paint, plus mine being a very rare Stryker Blue car, I'm paranoid!


Before anyone asks, I stripped off the old wax tonight with a Dawn wash and started the clay bar work, which I'll wrap up in the AM.


So, question is, what should I start with? I've got SHR, FMP, and the orange, white and gray pads. :confused:

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You used the least aggressive stuff first.


You have two things:




The SHR goes with the orange pad

The FMP goes with the white pad


(pads and polishes are color matched).


I would do one pass of the SHR first and check your results.

Continue to do another pass of SHR until you achieve the results you want.


Once that is done, follow it up with one pass of FMP.

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It's usually recommended to start with the least aggressive method (FMP/white pad) in a test area, but I wouldn't be paranoid at all about using the SHR/orange pad with your PC. I've used the Severe Swirl Remover/green pad with a Flex on my G8 without causing damage so you should be fine. It sounds like you've had success polishing before so I'd just treat the G8 exactly the same as the other vehicles. I haven't noticed that the paint's particularly soft polishing-wise, it's just extremely susceptible to rock chips and such.

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If you are really nervous, try the FMP first on your test spot. Then, if it doesn't get the results you want, then step up to SHR and the orange pad. I think you will be fine. I was paranoid because I started on a BLACK car, so if I screwed up, it would show in a big way. But it all worked out fine!

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