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07 BMW 535i detail


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Thanks guys. I washed, clayed, washed again, SHR, FMP, Americana, and some B glaze!


The engine was awful. Had a layer of sand and dirt, its like they live on a gravel road but they don't. And the back seats had hard candy stuffed in the cracks from my younger cousins. This was a challenge and a half.


As for more pictures of the interior. I was in a hurry to head back home, I didn't finish until late that night. I will take some more pics of the interior tomorrow. Gotta say tho that the leather conditioner is some great stuff. Not greasy or too glossy.


They were very pleased at how it turned out. My favorite turnaround was the engine bay. Looks better than new!:drool:

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Used some APC and assortment of boars hair brushes. Its not so much the water that will hurt the electronics, its the water pressure. Just be sure to have the setting on the nozzle to be basically a light mist/fan. After cleaning the engine compartment I started the car up and let it dry itself mostly. Then wiped down the left over puddles in cracks. Then its time for some Super VRT and In & Out spray.

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