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This thing looks super beefy!! I think Adam would approve other than the matte paint job.


2011 Icon Bronco Pictures, Wallpapers - Boldride.com


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In continuation of ICON’s tradition of bringing celebrated transportation designs into a modern context, the company is pleased to announce the brand new ICON Bronco. Inspired by the classic 1966 - 1977 Ford Bronco, ICON is excited to have its efforts supported by the Ford Motor Company and Nike, whose myriad contributions have allowed Lead Designer Jonathan Ward to further push the envelope with his team’s latest vintage-inspired incarnation.


From the start of the ICON Bronco project, Ward collaborated with famed Ford Designer Camilo Pardo (perhaps best known for designing the Ford GT), to fully realize a modernized take on this classic American utility vehicle. The design brief mandated a strong focus on maintaining the original Bronco’s classic aesthetic and design values while reinventing everything down to the smallest detail. As with other ICON designs, the only exception to this brief was its stock body.


Mechanical details for the ICON Bronco include an Art Morrison designed coil over shock chassis utilizing Eibach coils and Fox Racing shocks, Dynatrac Dana based axles, StopTech Sport Brake System, ARB lockers, Aisin Warner five speed manual transmission, and an Atlas II part time 4x4 transfer case. High efficiency cooling system designed by Griffin. Custom gauges developed with Dakota Digital. All exterior trim elements for the ICON Bronco are fresh designs, perfectly executed in stainless steel.


The ICON Design Team also made sure the interior cabin for the new Bronco evolved considerably with a modern in-dash HVAC system by Vintage Air (designers of the Ford GT HVAC system), keyless ignition, tilt-column, bucket seats with carbon fiber heat elements, innovative Chilewich textiles, sound proofing, architectural tinted glass, and laser cut stainless steel door and cargo panels with Volcanic black powder coated trim bezels.


Other interior features of note for the ICON Bronco include an innovative dash board featuring a unique single-gauge monocle design inspired by the original Ford Bronco as well as dash controls that are hand cut and CNC’ed. Other interior detailing such as the glove box door and other nuances feature design cues most often found in private jets and military-aircraft, not automobiles. To tastefully showcase these elements inside and out, ICON installed an electrical system featuring all LED lighting throughout the interior and exterior.


The support of Ford Motor Company played an integral role by allowing ICON access to key blueprints. Additionally, Ford was instrumental in offering its engineering expertise helping integrate the ICON Bronco drivetrain, as well as consulting on the engine system. The ICON Bronco uses the 2011 Ford Coyote 5.0 V8 engine, currently found in the new Mustang GT. With 412 horsepower and 390 lb-ft. of torque, the ICON Bronco promises drivers plenty of giddyup behind the wheel. Special Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing technology is also present for increased engine efficiency, bolstering overall fuel efficiency, which allows the vehicle a respectable 25 MPG average.


In addition to Ford Motor Company, Nike also played a vital role in the vehicle design. The Bronco collaboration with the Nike Team came about through a mutual friendship between ICON and the renowned company, as well as a shared passion for product design of all kinds. The secret to both brands’ successes has largely grown out of their ability to take past designs, and re-imagine and reinvent them in a manner that simultaneously evokes the timeless and contemporary.


Nike has used the ICON brand and its products for inspiration on several projects over the years, and found working with Ward’s Design Team on the Bronco project offered their own in-house creative team a special opportunity work on an out of the box design project, totally apart from their core duties. The Nike Team was inspired by the opportunity to play with new technical processes in a completely different arena. Nike put together a ten-person team for the ICON Bronco, comprised of top designers, engineers, and fabricators from various divisions. The ‘Nike Kitchen’ led the effort, a department known for spawning a variety of passion projects led by Jason Badden.


ICON has already pre-sold the first five Bronco prototypes, the first of which will be debuted in Las Vegas at the SEMA show this fall. The company plans to announce a very special limited edition numbered and signed series of ten ICON Broncos at that launch. With the vehicle offering the flexibility of a removable hard top design, plus the undeniable fact that the original Bronco continues to be in the hearts and minds of enthusiasts everywhere, the newest from ICON quickly promises to be one of the most sought after bespoke utility vehicles in the world.


Source: Icon press


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