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Rookie detailer in Honolulu Hi 96813


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supp peepo... had my car detailed from the ONLY shop in the hawaiian islands that have Adam's Products and loved what they did... n yes my car is Black so its a pain in the *** but when its cleen its awsome!.... had a body kit put on about 2 months after i had it detailed and they put soo many swirl marks back in the body i was pissed... didnt wanna spend another $350+ on a single detail so i bought the Porta wheel buffer kit and havent used it yet but waiting for the right day when i have a lot of time and its not raining... cause in hawaii it could be supper hot n sunny and then start pouring the next 10 mins... the cost of living in hawaii i guess, i dont have a garage i live in an 3 storie apartment and no cover for my car whatso ever... sucks ahh? i work in a warehouse but i cant pull my car in cause of all our heavy duty machines so ill be doing the full 4 stage buff on my car just waiting for the right day... anyways ALOHA! just wash & dry with detail spray like video... cant wait to claybar/buff/polish mine and my GF's car



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Wow thank guys for the warm welcome.. And yes I will be taking more pics soon planning on buying a professional camera... That was taken with my iPhone... In the pic it looks really shiny but I could still see some swirl marks in person... well really glad I joined the Clan!! Anybody play COD black ops? U can add me TreeFittyZee808... Haha well yeah again I can't feel more welcome Much Mahaloz to u all!! I'm only 25 this is the 3 rd car ive owned and I'm very much still a rookie always willing to learn new crap!! cheeehuu!

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