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A surprise at Ikea

Captain Slow

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Yesterday I took a day off. The three girls and I went to Ikea for shopping and lunch. While shopping I saw something that shocked me at Ikea:


Wow! Made in USA!


This is the bottom of a two gallon storage box that now holds my Adam's towels, 4" polishing pads, applicators and wash pad.:patriot:

The lid is made in Poland, go figure. I still bought it. The next size larger bins were all PROC or Taiwan made so they are still sitting at Ikea.


After lunch the older twin and I went to the car while Mom and the younger twin went to the family rest room. I came around the corner, saw my car all alone in the lot and said "cool" then I noticed the two carts to the left. Yikes!


I put the older one in her car seat then checked out the car. No harm to the car so I loaded the days shopping in to the trunk. I then put the two carts into the cart bin as a courtesy to the next driver plus I need the exercise.


Mama and I had a quiet drive home as the twins napped. :)

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Mmmm, Swedish meatballs and lingonberries!

MMMMMMMMM! My younger twin gets this every time we go and eats it all. This is quite an accomplishment for a 3.5 year old. EDIT: (She leaves the mashed potatoes for me and we get her a mac n cheese side in it's place. I remembered I had this pic from a few weeks ago.)



I'm not very fond of IKEA. I think most of it is cheap and not very well made but you did make a good find! :2thumbs:

X2, to me Ikea is the 'college dorm room' supply store. I just tag along for child assistance and lunch. I usually get the meatballs and lingonberries but I got chicken strips and fries instead on Wednesday. I did have a lingonberry soda though.:banana:

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Good find Paul, better if the cover was made in USA or Canada but Poland is not so bad. So hard to find anything that's not made in china inc.

So true Mark. Keeping with the made in USA flow I just looked at Menard's Made in USA flyer. Menards - Dedicated to Service & Quality

(Menard's is a home improvement big box chain in the upper midwest.)

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