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the ever pursuit of a swirless finish



Now that winter is coming and us unfortunate enough to live in areas of snow:help: salt/sand im wanting to change my winter washing. I washed my Mini yesterday after I drove on the roads after morning rain it was covered in residual salt from our freak storm last weekend.


Evident from my two bucket wash i dont think my two initial foaming (which i frequently do)knocked of ANY dirt/grim before i touched it with the mit. I am extremely careful about my washing and its been correct evident that my dads new audi is still perfect. I just want to lesson my chances even more of grinding dirt into my paint.


I did some searching around here and found that the reason my initial foaming's do help in loosening large debris like bird bombs, sap and other sticky things it doesn't do much on loosening the dirt. This is because its PH balanced and makes the soap so incredibly safe to use in sunlight and doesn't strip the wax.


I would like to hit the vehicles with a little harsher soap first to knock off most of the dirt/grime and then come in with a second round of Adams shampoo and merino wool mit for the 2nd part of the wash. On the other forums i am on with professional detailers (hes actually on here too) he has numerously commented on his threads that usually in the summer you do not have to touch your car with a mit to have a perfectly clean car.


This intrigues me, as of now the ONLY two times i touch my paint is with the merino wool mit and the polish/wax applicators. I have a master blaster to dry the paint so i no longer physically dry the vehicles.


My question is, and i guess this would be more geared to the research gurus is how much does using a harsher soap degrade the wax. It is certainly easier to apply a coat of americana to the vehicle more often then getting the polisher to remove the swirls. I consistently wax/seal my cars every 4-5 months so using a harsher soap how much more often will i have to wax to ensure protection:confused:


This part can be removed if admins feel is inappropriate, but Adams doesnt sell a harsher soap so i am going to mention it. I have read the absolute least HARSH soap for breaking up dirt and grime effectively is Megs "Hyper Wash" From what ive read it works amazing at removing salt residue too. I would never replace adams shampoo i would only use Hyper Wash as a pre foam/rinse before hitting it with adams for heavily soiled vehicles.


I am also open to other manufactures, thoughts, ideas/ criticisms with my idea. My bucket was disgusting and i cant help but to think that even with my intense washing techniques i was adding a swirl or two hear and there. Besides ive been adding to adams bottom line because of the amount of soap ive been using:lolsmack:



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