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Any Private/Commercial Pilots on here?


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I have always loved flying. I love every bit about it, the atmosphere the mechanics the physics, everything. I would love to start and keep going. My ultimate dream is to fly a learjet or Bombardiers but understand that i have to start in turbo props.


Aside from joining the airforce how did you get your license? i know there is 61 and 141 flight training programs. I understand the 141 is more set dates where as 61 is at your leisure. Which is better/more cost effective? I understand that this is a huge financial choice but i love it and i feel that getting my license is personal money well spent:banana:


Also, there is probably no way in my entire lifetime ill be able to afford a cessna or beechcraft so can i rent planes? i keep meaning to call my local training airport about my questions but figured ide try here in the meantime


TIA :)

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