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Side mirror spots and scratches



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You can use the 4" pads and the polishes to remove water spots, but Adam's does not sell anything abrasive enough to remove scratches on glass.


Side mirrors are usually plastic arent they? Try the 4" pads and shr, if you can not get enough pressure because the mirror is moving, try the hand applicator(flip). Those mirrors are usually pretty easy to clean up.

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I'm sure some where on this forum there is info on cleaning off hard water spots and scratches off of mirrors but I can't seem to find anything. If normal washing and vinegar wont remove the sports what will? :help:


I recall on one of Adams video's, he mentions using the claybar on all your glass and mirrows which should resolve the problem. If not, I agee with the other members on taking the more aggressive approach with the SHR.


Let us know what worked best



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Start with clay... then move to polish. I regularly use SHR on an orange pad to polish spots from glass and it works excellent.


If that doesn't work you can try 0000 steel wool lubed heavily with glass cleaner.


After all those, if you still have spots you're dealing with etching and likely will need to replace the glass.

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