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too little product or polishing too long?



....as I read and read here I get a common mistake for us newbies is to use too much product or to not allow the polish to flash. I think that I have a pretty good feel to what to look for regarding these two mistakes.


so, that leads me to the other end of the spectrum. What happens if:


1. I don't use enough polish on the pad (or too big of an area for the amount I use)




2. I go too long after the polish has flashed




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Not enough polish won't do any harm as long as you prime the pad with Detail Spray. A lot of times I ask myself 'is this really enough' and it usually is.


Working too large of an area won't kill you either. The biggest thing in getting the product to flash is to use the proper amount of pressure and not move the machine too quickly. When working a PC you really can't go too slow; over working the product will not cause any harm and 'burning' the paint with a PC is basically impossible.

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