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need new tires..help me out!

J Tegeler

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So with winter on its way Carl (2005 montecarlo) needs some new tread. anyone have a tire they would recomend? I am looking for a year round tire that will do alright in some snow.


size: 225/60/16


Been surfing on tire rack because I can get them mounted and balanced for free so I might as well get them online.

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I've had great experiences with all the Kumho tires I've bought... on my 4th set between our 2 cars now and see no reason to go elsewhere. Good quality, good wear, and reasonably priced. Plus, the Corporate HQ and west coast dist. is literally in my city so buying helps support the local job market as far as I see it.


Ran them on the TBSS and on the Avy now... wifes Equinox has one of their high mileage designs and they've been great.


Plus they're not half bad lookin' either:



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what kind of milage you get out of them Dylan?


Hard to say... my Avy just barely cracked the 10k mile mark and only half of that is on the new tires/wheels. I'm running their Ecsta STX




My wife has their standard higher mileage tires for light SUV's (solus I believe).... we replaced them way ahead of schedule around 45,000 recently and they still had pretty well defined tread on them.

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I was happy with the price, the car has 112,000 on it and these tires are rated for 70K..they should be good for the rest of the miles I own the car :D also while I have them off to change tires I am going to clean the barrel of the wheels and get some paint on the calipers

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