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Which Adams Products should I use to keep my new purchase looking good



Hey guys. I am currently a Level 3 Apprentice Commercial Transport Mechanic. For the past 3 years Ive been using my cheapo $300 tool box and yesterday took delivery of a nice shiny Snap On box. Im a sucker for Black (I drive a blacked out F350) so I went with a black box with custom black trim on the drawers instead of the usual chrome. After one day in the shop I'm already worried about choosing black! I'm not even working out of the black box as I haven't swapped my tools over yet but the black box is already covered with finger prints and looks horrible.


I am wondering what Adams Products you would recommend to keep the black paint looking wet...I know it wont be long before I have a drawer in that box dedicated to Adams Products and Towels just for keeping the box clean...I think my addiction has hit a whole new level:help:


EDIT-Im still waiting on delivery of the 1 inch think stainless steel work surface that goes on the top of the box.



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At the very least I would give it a coat of Americana and keep DS handy to keep it dusted off!


I'm with Chris, but I may add some BG to amp up the shine. Another thought - WW may be your friend here, as is reduces the static build up a little, which may cut down on the amount of dust at settles.

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