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Shiny in the shade too!


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I thought this was a cool shot, note the reflections of the trees on the hood and roof and the road in the side of the car despite low light conditions, an hour or so before sunset. I bought the complete Adams kit last summer, and this is the result. I gave her a good polishing for one last photo shoot before the weather up here turns bad for 4-5 months. Even did the wheel wells and black plastic. Gonna try the buttery wax next year.


Put all my Adams stuff in my warm basement for the winter now. :(



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Woooooooooooooooooooooow dude. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. Absolutely dig what you did with the white on the wheels to tie in with the stripes. Great work my friend. GREAT WORK!!!!


Thanx all for the kind words. I get more comments on the wheels than all other mods combined. To be fair the wheels are American Racing Torq Thrust M dressed up by Lou Kovac of Rockstar Motorsports here in Ontario. A smart guy when it comes to car mods. He did all the tints too, and painted the black plastic around the front and rear lights. He did the spokes to match the black and the white is pretty close to the stripes.


I wish I had a Dollar for every time I saw someone taking a pic of the car/wheels with a cellphone, I could buy a few tanks of high octane gas for sure. :rockon:

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Dang man "DANG"!!!! What a car, I had to take a double look, to figure out what year that thing was.. Love the look of that bad boy!! Also that is one heck of a shine my friend, Great pic indeed!!:drool:


Thanx, I am impressed with the results I've been getting since I bought the Adams Complete Kit with PC at the Carlisle PA show last summer. On a very rainy Friday afternoon I'm sure the Staff will recall as their tent almost got washed away in the deluge. :help:


What you can't see in the pic is a couple of tiny stone chips in the hood and a few in the wheels and a small crack in the black vinyl near the left fog light along with few small scuffs probably from passing pebbles that glanced off the soft vinyl. Thankfully they get lost in the shine. The price you pay when it's your daily driver for much of the year. I know a guy who rarely ever drives his Challenger, claims it has never been wet....sure it looks immaculate but what did he spend 50 grand on??? A driveway ornament?


I play hard with my car and count on stuff like Adams products to keep it looking good despite some wear. :2thumbs:

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