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For small businesess, Intuit Go Payment!


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I just called to transfer my merchant account over to a "Go Payment" account. It works with all smartphones. last spring i moved my credit card processing over to Intuit after getting taken pretty bad when i first started my business with a company that cold called me:o


I have been very impressed with intuit, i always talk to an american and are friendly as could be. Their rates are about .04 over everyone else which is minimal. The service is always up and extremely safe and easy to use.


By going with the go payment solution my rates will drop a full 1.11% (which is Huge!!) for swiped transactions. I get a free swiper that attaches to my iphone/ipad and my customers sign right on my I-Device. Also, i have been with them for over a year i get a rate review every 6 months. Since my average CC transactions are over $7,500 at a time my rates drop .38% which again is huge.


I would HIGHLY recommend intuit, plus it integrates right into my online Quick books account. Since i do alot of CC transactions i pay 12.95 a month which saves me alot of money. For businesses that dont do much CC transactions it doesnt make sense spending the 12.95. They offer a free no monthly program but your rates are about a 1% higher then regular rates.


Anyway, thought I would share :) Best part, 100% paperless. I just email the receipt to my customers

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Great tip. I have been looking for a good way to process card payments. This looks like a great way to accomplish this for the mobile detailer.


This is a fantastic solution for just that. You will sell more products and options if your customers can pay by credit/debit. Do the math, if you have alot of customers that are going to pay by credit card then it might be worth it to pay the $12.95 for the lower rate.:thumbsup:

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Sounds like the same thing I use but its called Square. Same rates and a free reader.


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yeah very similar, actually Intuit is .2% higher but ill take that just because it integrated right into Quickbooks.


I also forgot to mention funds are in your account in 24-48 hours. However i have had them as quick as 16hours.:2thumbs:

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