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my night was made tonight..

J Tegeler

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Today after work I went up to the nice heated shop where I will be detailing all winter :D to wash my car. and help a guy work on his paint some. so as I washing washing mine a few people pulled in to the shop and said "WOW it smells good in here!" I smiled and said yeah it is my car shampoo anad DS. they then looked at my paint and just stared, then saying "that stuff looks like it is still wet, and sxcreams DONT TOUCH ME!" just makes me smile when other notice a good clean car! also landed me a little side job fixing some headlights on a toyota!


So does anyone else have people comment on the scents and how shiny paint is? really makes me feel good when i get compliments for all the hard work

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When people get into my car they always say that it smells so clean and new. 1sm088doubleup.gif


They also say that I am anal about keeping it clean. :lol:


NOT!! I love a clean shiny car. jumping0036.gif



Have you ever gotten in someone's car and you really didn't want to after you opened the door and gazed inside?? smiley-confused013.gif

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