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Full paint correction and then some!! *56k beware*


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First, let me say I'm not a professional detailer and this is only my 3rd full correction detail. I was really happy with the results and welcome any constructive criticism.


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My mother owns a 2006 Nissan Maxima and intends to sell the car and buy something new in the coming months. She maintains the car pretty well, but it does not live in a garage, has never been waxed, and gets death tunnel washed half the time and washed at a hand car wash place with grimy towels and sponges half the time. She also has hedges at the end of her driveway that get dragged along the sides of the car with regularity! You'll see the evidence of this shortly.


I wanted to try a couple things with the car that I haven't done before so this was the perfect test mule. Mainly, I wanted to Plasti Dip the black trim below the windows and in the fender wells.


I drove an hour each way to trade cars with my mother for a week and worked on her car after my job each weekday and a full day on two Sundays.


I wanted to try a new product out on the engine bay so I had to detail it first. It has never been cleaned to my knowledge so it was a great way to try new techniques.








I picked the leaves and straw out by hand, used a leaf blower to get another large amount out, then vacuumed out the rest. Next, I sprayed APC liberally on the engine and then agitated with various brushes. I then sprayed a product liberally all over the engine, shut the hood, and let it idle for about 15 minutes while I started working on the wheels. This is one new technique I wanted to try and I think it came out great!






The wheels are up next. I removed them from the car so I could first clean them with APC, then about 3 hits with a deironizor wheel cleaner, then a detarring product about 4 hits, another round of APC, and then machine super sealant on the barrels. I later hand polished the outer portion of the wheels with a microfiber cloth and an abrasive polish.





I didn't worry about every little nook and cranny that you can't see when they're on the car because my mother will never even notice the 4 hours I spent on them as it is.




I then went on to clean the exterior of the car with Dawn dish soap with a kick of APC for the heck of it. I then clayed it with an Adam's clay bar. check out the contamination.


Clean clay bar and dilute DS as lube:



After only doing the hood:



Folded it around right before doing the rear bumper and vertical portions of the back of the car:



Yikes! That's just contamination off of the back of the car.


I cleaned all shuts, caps, etc with dilute APC and a high quality brush:





And this car was dirty! Check out behind the front license plate frame and look at the dirt that dropped to the ground when I removed it:




The exhaust tips weren't horrible, but I used Adam's metal polish #1 and some 000 wire wool to clean them.






I'm not really going in order for this one, but here is the mess around and in the trunk:



This mat was stained beyond repair. I considered trying to dye it back to stock, but I found a guy parting out a Maxima and bought a mat in good shape for $15.


Pulled the leaves out, air blower, vacuum, APC and brush:





So, at this point I felt like doing some interior work. We thought here interior was a tan color, but it turns out it's more of a cream and after 6 years of getting wiped down at the local hack job hand-wash place. I used a leather brush, dilute APC, and then wiped clean with a microfiber. Later, I dressed it with Adam's leather conditioner which is one of my favorite Adam's products. I used tape to make nice 50/50 shots.







Piece of tape around the wheel and cleaned around it:





General after shot:



Here's another little jewel I uncovered. I found out that this nasty grey and fading strip had some attractive chrome underneath when I was machining the paint. I decided to tape off either side of the strip and later use my wire wool and then microfiber cloth to polish it up beautifully.




Another 50/50:




Besides the 20 or so hours of machine polishing, my favorite part of this detail was the use of Plasti Dip to freshen some plastic trim.


Plastic strip below the window before:




Taping up for it:




Afters of this strip:





I also wanted to fix up the fender wells because they were faded and looked horrible. Here they are clean, but faded:




Taped them off too:



And looked better than brand new again:





I used SVRT on this because it's an awesome product and looks great. I also used it on the area around the wipers. I even hand polished the wiper arms with a microfiber cloth and my compounding polish.









So now it's machine polishing time!


I messed around first getting the haze off of the headlight. I made a little square and hit it once with my compounding combo:



Here was a before:



Remember how I said she dragged her car along her hedges?







Also a nice scratch on the mirror:



Came out nicely:



As did the others:



As did the others:



Sadly, I didn't have a chance to take many afters as I had to rush to hit the road to make it to Albany in time to go out to eat with my family. Here are a couple quick shots before we traded out cars. I finished it off with MSS and buttery wax. I save my Americana for my car. :2thumbs:






I also cleaned the windows and sealed the front window with Adam's window sealant.


Thanks for reading. This my first full detail post and I hope it wasn't too long and you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Do you have a close-up of the wheel/tire cleaned [face out]?


Great job.


PS: Does anyone have 56K anymore?


Haha, the 56k thing was a joke. A nod to days of old.


I'll get some pics up of the faces of the wheels. I'm on my phone at the moment, but will post some up tonight.


Thanks for all of the positive comments. It is encouraging and appreciated since this is my first full write-up. I left out a ton of steps and details, but I basically just narrated around the pictures I happened to take.

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I think all in all it turned out great! That side with the scratches from the hedges? Enough to give me nightmares! Outstanding work. Did your mom notice any of the little things you did?


I did describe some of what I did over dinner. I'm sure she doesn't understand the type of labor that went into it.


Wow Chris, your mom is going to think you bought her a new car!
She did agree that it looked like new again. I'd argue it looks better than new aside from a little scuff on the rear bumper.


This is among one of the best turnarounds I have seen. That thing was filthy and was in some serious need of care. Great work and can't wait to see more from you!


Awesome work man!


Amazing Job!!! That was a great turn around! :2thumbs::bow:


Nice work, that thing was BEAT!



Thanks! I was a little nervous about posting a full detail because I figured some folks might knit pick it and there is always room for improvement. I'm glad the responses have been positive!


Here are a few pictures of the faces of the wheels as requested:








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Chris, nice job.! I like the attention to the details with the wipers etc.


Thanks. I had never really heard of that being done before, but I figured I'd see if they polished up at all and they sure did.


The 50/50 shots of the leather are amazing...great job!


Yeah, I was honestly stunned how those turned out. I remember driving back to Thomasville when I first picked up the car and remember being disappointed the car was so clean on the inside. Little did I know.

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Excellent job! There's nothing like breathing life back into a car...



nice job looks great.. did you use the pc ?

Yeah, with a non-Adam's pad and polish so I won't name them.


The PC is a beast when used with more aggressive pad/compound.

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Holy cow that is an amazing turn around. You made your Mom a boat load of money when she goes to trade that car in if she manages to keep it that nice. When the dealer looks at that car he will see dollar signs. Can I ask what dilution of APC you used on the interior? How long did you work on the interior by chance? Because the interior transformation is what is so amazing to me. Excellent work, if you get any "knit picking" they are JEALOUS because the car looks better than new!!!! Can't wait to see more writeups from you in the future.

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Guest Gone & Forgotten

Beautiful Job.


And Grub.. my parents only ditched dial-up a year ago. Sad. More money than the law allows and they were too cheap to move into the future.

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Beautiful Job.


And Grub.. my parents only ditched dial-up a year ago. Sad. More money than the law allows and they were too cheap to move into the future.


My parents tell me that's how they got their money. And they plan on taking it with them when they go!?! Not good for me I guess.

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