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1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE it's about time!


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Back in 1996 I stopped by a used car lot and looked over a Pontiac Grand Prix they had in the lot. I really liked the looks of that car, but just couldn't do it. Back at home with my wife were our two young daughters aged 5 and 1. I had a company car and my wife had a Chevy Wagon, our money's priorities were not for a car.


That 1 year old daughter is now 16 and will be going for her driver's test between the end of November and the beginning of December and she needs a car. Yes, she needs a car. My wife and I need a break from running her to soccer practice, gymnastics, other school functions, church, her boyfriends, etc...


For months now I've been scouring eBay, AutoTrader.com, Craigs List as well as every used car lot I pass in my daily travels. I've also had several friends keeping their eyes open for me for this car.


Look what I brought home on Friday:



Two hours from home, 65,696 miles and bought below book value!

A Bright Aqua Metallic 2 door 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE: finally!



Found this in the glove box!



Michelle (my 16 year old) and I spent the rest of the day Friday, all day Saturday and part of today cleaning the car up. Not bad for being 17 years old and spending its life un-garaged. Before I'd made the purchase the owner replaced the spark plugs and wires the fuel filter, and both mufflers as well as the front rotors and brake pads. He even replaced the front tires that he said were worn with two better used tires.



Here she is with the Bissel Pro Heat Little Green Machine cleaning the carpets:


She cleaned the entire interior. Vaccumed, Cleaned all the plastic and vinyl with Leather Interior Cleaner, and used Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner on the interior seats and carpets. I cleaned the carpeted mats before she got home from school Friday and ordered a new set for the front from Weather Tech this morning: the underside of the driver's side is shot and won't stay put. I took care of the Glass cleaning and applying Leather Conditioner to the dash (hadn't been applied yet in these two pics).





The engine bay had been sprayed with some type of rust proofing and isn't going to come off I'm afraid, but I tried:







The trunk looks brand new, the spare tire and jack don't appear to ever have been removed and the spare still had air in it:



On Friday the exterior got a thorough washing including the inner fenders, wheels and tires. I washed the exterior with Dawn dish washing liquid and APC to try and remove excess wax that was all over the finish and trim. This removed most of it then a wipe down Saturday with Detail Spray removed the rest. Tires were treated to SVRT and the front Kidney Grilles got IOS:










Gotta' straighten those tips! I plan to apply a coat of MSS before winter really hits then attempt a paint correction next spring.

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Rich, I like rolling the unique vehicles.


My wife is driving the most common one: an '05 Volvo XC70.


My Company Car: an '07 Dodge Magnum.


My oldest daughter's ride is a '93 Buick Century. Oh wait, every other "Blue Hair" in the country is in one of these A-Body GM's right? Her's is a 2 door! Post back the next time you see another 2 door A-Body.


My toy is, of course, the '06 GTO of which only 40,745 were produced in its three year run with mine being a 1 of 484 optioned car.


Just had to add one more to the stable!



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Got the oldest daughter a '77 Firebird for her first car, a number of years ago.

Like you stated, needed a break from all the running a sixteen year old does, besides that she could run her sisters around too.


Bet she one happy young lady!!:2thumbs:



Oh yeah, I liked to drive it too:lolsmack:

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