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Brake Caliper Paint

Guest Gone & Forgotten

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Guest Gone & Forgotten

2011 LS

G2 Caliper Paint kit (Black) from Amazon for $40


Jacking Points:



I bought the little black 1" brush at Walmart for $1. I'm a painter by trade for 22 years, but didn't wanna trash my brushes for this. It does help when cutting in against the brake pads and around corners the included foam brush won't easily get to.




Stock calipers on an LS




Calipers taped off to my needs (I'm a professional painter, I can use a brush) Some may require further taping.






Front Caliper done, wheels back on:




Rear done, wheels back on.







  • Temp in my Garage was about 60-ish with propane heater going
  • took about 30 minutes dry-to-touch
  • 3 coats applied with enough to do 2 more left over
  • mind your brush strokes. don't leave it heavy. lay it down evenly!
  • didn't wait 2 hours (as directed) to put wheels back on
  • still haven't driven it, done Friday night at 10:45pm
  • got huge buzz and dizziness from Propane heater fumes

I put on a coat of Adam's Brilliant Glaze and Americana Paste Wax while I waited between coats of paint on the calipers.



Clean wheels while off, apply a coat of Adam's Americana while you wait - protect your wheels the best you can. Know what your wheels are before you try to 'polish' them.



I'm glad I went this route vs. the caliper covers that say "Fake Fake Fake". I'm aware I bought the base model and I'm not trying to display it as something it's not.



Just take your time, don't be in a hurry.


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The longer you wait, the dirtier your brakes get :) Wanted this done while mine was still new-ish. Thanks man.


Looks good.


Thats what I did, got my MINI and two 3 days later it was on jackstands for three days:help:


I sprayed mine though since i had a unique color and i needed to match my mirror caps





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Looks great! I used G2 on mine also. A friend had me run to Hobby Lobby to grab extra brushes, they came in handy.


I am actually getting ready to change a whole lot on that part of the vehicle and have been eyeballing some of the special color paint they have. :D



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