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Well since I'm getting new tires this week...


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I ran 275 NT05 rears for the beginning of this season before I sold the GTO. They hook pretty well for street tires, but I wouldn't expect to get more than ~10K miles out of them.

Ya I am hoping they will hook decent. Especially since I am about to do heads/cam on it very soon.


Very cool, and seeing that you are from Gilbert makes me miss Joe's Farm Grill.

yes! I love that place! Liberty market right next to it is awesome too!




looks and sounds great as always Donny. Hope to see it in January at the annual AZ clinic :cheers:

Thanks Dylan! Hopefully I can get my heads/cam put in by then!


Will the 265/35/18's fit?

They will fit for sure if the fenders are rolled. I am getting mine this week and mine are not yet rolled so I will let you know.

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