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As any newcomer to this board will tell you, there is a LOT of information to digest and process. Keeping topics of discussion under the proper headings does a lot to help those looking for answers and thus reduces the need to start multiple or duplicate threads for the discussion of the same topic. By doing your part to make sure your posts are in the appropriate section of the forum you help keep AdamsForums.com a fun and informative place to hang out.


  • Machine Polishing - For the discussion of all things machine polishing related. Flex, porter cable, cordless drill, or anything else that polishing a vehicle using mechanical parts.
  • Hand Polishing - Discuss the fine art of hand rubbing a paint job. If you don't use a machine or have a question about whats possible using hand polishes this is the place to post it.
  • Waxing, Glazing, and Sealing - Americana, Buttery, Brilliant Glaze, or even the upcoming Quick Spray Sealant. Those all should be discussed here.
  • Wash, Dry, and Clay Bar - Ah, the wash! The most important part of detailing because if it ain't clean you can't do much else with it. All discussions of the washing and decontamination process go here.
  • Wheels, Trim, Undercarriage, and Engine Bay Detailing - If you've got a question about Super VRT, In & Out, Green Wheel Cleaner or Undercarriage Spray this is the place to put it. Anything related to your exterior trim or rolling stock.
  • Interior Cleaning and Detailing - The inside of your ride should be just as clean as the outside. All discussion of interior cleaning and protection should be posted in here.
  • Microfiber Products - So soft, so gentle, so awesome! Anything related to plush, waffle weave, glass towel, or other microfiber products related post it here!
  • Tips & Tricks - Did you find a little tidbit of info that you think others could use? Have you been playing mad-scientist and found a magical combo of products that gets a new result? Post it here!
  • General Detailing Discussion and Questions - For all topics that don't already have their own subforum. Lighting? Which masking tape to use? Oddball questions or multipart questions can go here.

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BUMP!! Just a reminder:


There has been a rash of misplaced threads that our team is having to move. Please review carefully where you are placing a thread before clicking the "post" button.


Keeping threads in their proper categories makes sure that future AdamsForums users can find answers without having to search endlessly in the wrong location.


Thanks for doing your part! :thumbsup:

Edited by Dylan@Adams
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Thank You Dylan!


I tend to think that also...if you are washing up or detailing up your own car, and do a writeup for it, put that in the Cars or Trucks section, and leave the Detailer's Write-Ups for paid jobs, etc.



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With the influx of newer people here, and the amount of new threads I have had to move and/or in the last week, I am asking EVERYONE who is A PART OF THIS PLACE to do your part. Read the Rules again, and the OP here, to better help keep this place organized.


Thank You.


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I do have to say that this forum is very organized. One doesn't really have to do much of a search since the information is categorized so well.


Searching does help though ..haha

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