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Where have I been? (Good News)


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Well I used to be on here a lot. However in the last 6 months I have not been on nearly as much as I used to be. As many of you know I graduated with my undergrad in accounting last December. I was unable to find a job at that time so I rolled right into a masters program. Since I started the masters program I have also been working about thirty hours a week. I jsut have not as much time as I used to. Also this semester I was actively looking for jobs and I swear that was a full time job as well. However I finally got some good news!


I got a full time job. I will be starting in the spring with a manufacturing company in the Milwaukee area. They specialize in steel, wire, and automotive parts. I am so excited. Not only did I get a job in accounting I am going to be working in am industry that interests me. Also the program I got into is a rotational program so I will have experience in multiple divisions and work with many different people. :banana:


Hopefully I will have some more time next semester and over the summer. I will say I have missed a lot on here and my poor G8 could really use some more loving.

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Congrats Ray!


What's the company's name?


I will be in the leadership development program with Charter Manufacturing. I will spend 6 months in each of the divisions , steel, wire, and automotive, and 6 more at the corporate office. Then I will go to a permanent position. I am really excited as I will get to work with many different people and will have an understanding of the whole business when I am done with the program.


Welcome back, Ray!


We missed you on here and in PA; glad that you landed on your feet.


"Sport Red" is right, the G8-er's need to reaffirm their faith!


Hope to see/ talk to you soon, Pard'ner!



I am hoping to be in PA in the not too distant future. If I make it out there and can get away for a while I will let you know and maybe we can grab a pizza or something and catch up. I am also going to try and make the April clinic.

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