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Sidepipe Covers on Corvette



Good Morning :hi:,

My father nd I are working on a 63 Corvette that the customer wants to turn into a hot rod. He plans on dropping in a big block and installing side pipes. There is a set of side pipe covers that he wants me to try and clean up for him. He was so impressed with the job I did with my Adams products, he does not want to take the covers to someone else.

Working on metal products is new to me and I don't want to go into this not knowing how far I can go. The covers are not shiny like a chrome product, they will never have a mirror sheen. I have looked at the two step metal polish that Adams has now, and this is the product I am thinking about using on these covers. I guess my question is, should I even take the job, and if I do what will give me the best results, Adams metal polish, hand working the metal or using my Porter Cable? The pic below is not the covers I am going to work, they are just a sample of the sheen and finish.


Thanks RH469


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