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Some new SS pix after a wash and DS Dry.


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very nice sir! i remember before i got my jeep i took out an SS for a test drive and as we walked out the salesman asked me if i knew how to drive a stick (at the time i was just 19, but ive spent time on the Mid-Ohio road track with F1 drivers teaching me so i know how to drive a manual haha), i said yes and thought to myself im gunna have fun with this guy haha. Well im pulling out and i let go of the clutch and stall it on purpose so this guy thinks im horrible, hes was hesitant but just told me to turn her over again, and we left. As we went down the street I did slow long shifts almost missing gears to mess with him more haha. then i turn down a street by my house where there is alotta S-curves and just rock out the apexes and perfect shifts. After we get out of the curves he just looks over at me and says, you were messing with me before werent you? both laughing i was like yeah, that was my most fun/funny test drive ever gotta say haha. sorry to go off on a tangent but just made me remember that haha. Cant wait for that ZL1 to come out so i can get out and try her out!

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