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Paint Correction Polish selection question.



Have been reading up on here/videos,detail guide etc and still a little confused(doesn't take much getting old LOL) on what polish to buy. Have those fine micro scratches in a few areas. They don't really show until up close under bright sunlight(blame it on other wash pads and MF drying towels before switching to all Adams )Car less than a yr old.


The Orange Swirl and Haze says for moderate swirls and scratches. Will it be overkill to use it? Was just going to clay again(it needs it) start with the orange and then fine polish.

Is Revive for Hand use only? A friend told me to just use Revive and Fine Polish with PC?Skip the orange. Really don't want to waste time trying to hand polish and then still have to PC.

Searched a bunch of pix and this was about the only one that shows up.Thanks Mike:)

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Revive is a polish formulated for hand application, it removes light swirls and adds that depth/wet look.


FMP is formulated for application by machine, it too removes light swirls and adds the look.


From the looks of it, you're going to need the SHR.



Don't write my words in stone, wait to see what one of the experts on here has to critique about this.

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I'd just go with orange pad/Shr and White pad/FMP. Simple, and you can do some amazing correction with just those two. You always try to use the least aggressive combo to get your results, but I would expect that now and then you would need to use some SHR/orange pad. I have SSR/green pad for the PC but haven't had much need to go beyond SHR/Orange pad. Of course, I am working on my HHR, and the SHR and FMP do the job nicely.

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