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Another Adams Convert

AZ Tom

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I have a friend (Randy) in Houston; he belongs to a local Mustang club, and has always detailed his cars by hand. He actually got me interested in detailing my own cars, but looking for an easier way out, I went online, discovered the Junkman, and Adams. Earlier this year, I bought my PC kit from Adams, and have been telling Randy how great the PC works.


Randy finally decided to get a PC, but was going to buy it from another supplier. We went back and forth several times, comparing the two kits… Adams and the other brand, both included the PC, but of course, the products were different. Then, at his local Mustang club, he noticed someone with their supplies in an Adams bag… that pushed him over the edge, and he ordered his PC kit from Adams. I’m certain you have a new, long time, loyal Adams user in Houston.


If anyone out there in Houston recognizes the photo below.. the red convertible belongs to Randy.. tell him congratulations on his conversion to Adams.

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